Real Estate Sales & Rental Info About Condominiums in Northern Virginia


  • Riverton Condos- is a high-rise condominium community located in Fairfax County near the Potomac River and Fort Hunt Road
  • Montebello- is a high-rise residential condominium community hidden just outside Old Town Alexandria Virginia in Fairfax County.
  • The Royalton- is a four-story condominium complex located at 309 Holland Lane, Alexandria VA.
  • Condos at Carlyle Square- is a garden-style condominium community located in the Carlyle District of Alexandria at 520 John Carlyle Street
  • Canal Place- is a garden-style condominium community located at 1211 North Pitt Street Alexandria.
  • Palazzo at Park Center- are garden-style condos located near the intersection of 395 and King Street.
  • Watergate at Landmark- is a luxury resort-style condominium community situated in the West-End of Alexandria VA
  • Olympus Condos- is a high-rise condominium complex located at 6301 Stevenson Ave, Alexandria, VA. It is close to I-395, The Pentagon, Crystal City, and DC.
  • Preston Condos- is located near the George Washington Parkway in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Marina Towers- built in 1970,  this 14-floor high-rise condominium building features 282 units.
  • Port Royal- is a high rise condominium community located in Old Town Alexandria.
  • The Jamieson- is located near the heart of Alexandria VA’s Carlyle District.
  • Bearings Condos- located in Old Town, Alexandria, these seven buildings were built as garden-style condos in 1941 and converted into a condominium community in 2006.
  • Abingdon Row- is a 54-unit luxury condominium community located Old Town, Alexandria
  • Isabella Condos- is located near the border of the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County.

Properties in Fairfax County

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