Real Estate Sales & Rental Info About Condominiums in Northern Virginia

4600 Duke St #1221, Alexandria VA 22304 For Sale

2 Bedroom Condo in Alexandria For $209,900

How Much Does A Modest Place Cost In 22304 in Alexandria?

4600 Duke St #1221, Alexandria VA was recently listed for sale and is listed for sale for $209,900. Accordingly, you may want to really consider this property (depending upon your pre-approved price limit). Still, the average living area of residences in the 22304 area is 1,287 sqft. Continue reading "4600 Duke St #1221, Alexandria VA 22304 For Sale"

Seeking An Affordable Condo In 22304

As might be expected, you can find an affordable condo in 22304 in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of affordable homes in 22304 in Alexandria. Perhaps one of them is the ideal place of residence for you. If it's not 4600 Duke St #1201, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Contact Nesbitt Realty today at (703)765-0300 to discuss your priorities. Continue reading "Seeking An Affordable Condo In 22304"
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