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What Is The Most Important Feature About Your Condo Purchase If You're Spending $210,000?

Photo of 4606 Conwell Dr #149 I believe 4606 Conwell Dr #149 is a very interesting condo in 22003 . It's probably a good value. However, I can't recommend you buy this property right now. That's because, my goal isn't to sell you this property. My goal is to find the right property for you. My expectation in this post is to help you work out your concerns, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in 22003 in Annandale. What's important to you? What do you know about Terrace Townhouses of An? Did you know that 4606 Conwell Dr #149 has the highest priced condominium in the neighborhood? Do you know that 4606 Conwell Dr #149 has the lowest advertised price in the neighborhood.
  • Is the transportation network important to you? We'd be happy to tell you more about the Metro and transportation options not far from Terrace Townhouses of An.
  • Is a view important to you? Do you want a waterview or waterfront condominium?
  • Do you care about amenities? Condos at Terrace Townhouses of An offer additional benefits from this community..
  • The highest priced condo at Terrace Townhouses of An is listed for $210,000. Do you know if 4606 Conwell Dr #149 is a good value?
  • How many baths do you need? 4606 Conwell Dr #149 has 1 full baths. What about half baths? 4606 Conwell Dr #149 has 0 half baths.
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Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton

What is a condo?

A condominium is real estate with certain specific properties. Although there are various types of condominiums, the most common legal arrangements involve individual ownership of each unit, with joint ownership of the communal or common areas by all of the residents in the building. Condominium developments can be commercial or residential. In the case of residential property, a condo can be composed of one or more a high-rise buildings, garden-style buildings, townhouses and---in special causes--even consist of individual houses. While some condominiums are located in large multi-unit buildings, others may be detached form each other and be located in a gated or planned community. Some condominiums may be located in resort or vacation destinations. Most usually, a condominium is a housing unit or apartment in a multi-unit building in which each unit is individually owned, with common areas and the property in general jointly owned by the residents and the owners of the building, or all of the residents together. So the structures that make up a condominium complex are divided into living units, which are each owned by individuals. Jointly, these unit owners all have an interest in the rights and duties of the common areas, such as the parking lot, lobby, roof, etc. Nobody works harder than Nesbitt Realty. For real estate in Fairfax County, contact me, Andrew Patton, at (703)765-0300.
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