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Is It Possible To Spot The Right Condominium In The City Of Alexandria?

Photo of 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201

I like 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201. This condo at Parkeast in 22302 looks like a good value for several reasons. However, Alan is not recommending you buy this property in particular. That's because, until I know your goals there is no way for me to know if this is the right home for you.

Photo of 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201

Let's pause to decide your essentials so that you can realistically decide whether buying a mid 20th-century condo in Alexandria is for you. You have a lot of options in the City of Alexandria.

Photo of 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201

It will be your home. So your preferences are what matter.

  • Does the hot-water heater matter to you? Do you prefer gas or electric? The most common hot-water heater at Parkeast is other.
  • Do public schools matter to you? 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201 is served by and .
  • Homes around 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201 were built around 1980. How old is too old? How new is too new?
  • How many bedrooms do you need? 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201 is a 1-bedroom condo.

Photo of 1225 Martha Custis Dr #1201

How Big Are Similarly-Priced Condos On The Market In Alexandria?

Tiny (1 to 600 sqft) 3 Active
Smaller (601 to 700 sqft) 4 Active
Small (701 to 1,100 sqft) 37 Active
Modest (1101 to 1,500 sqft) 7 Active

Similarly Priced

Nothing found

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