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Check-boxes For Your 1,411 Sqft Condominium In Arlington

Photo of 2301 25th St S #4-107 There's a lot I like about this condo in Arlington . But is it the right home for you? My expectation in this blog post is to help you resolve your concerns, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in Arlington County. Of the top of your head, what's most important to you? Photo of 2301 25th St S #4-107 To get what you want, you need to know what you want. For example:
  1. Does the hot-water heater matter to you? Do you prefer gas or electric? The most common hot-water heater at Grove At Arlington is natural gas.
  2. Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you.
  3. Do you like brick condominiums? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding?
  4. Do you have specific paint colors? Or, do you want to paint and pick your own colors?
  5. The highest priced condo at Grove At Arlington is listed for $565,900. Do you know if 2301 25th St S #4-107 is a good value?
Photo of 2301 25th St S #4-107

How Old Are Similarly-Priced Condominiums For Sale In Arlington?

Newer (2012 - 2017)2 Active
21st Century (2003 - 2011)8 Active
Millennial (1998 - 2002)2 Active
Late 20th Century (1983 - 1999)3 Active
Mid 20th Century (1938 - 1982)9 Active

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