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Facts And Photographs Of $479,900 2-BR 2 BA Units In Fairfax At Elan At East Market


Photo of 4490 Market Commons Dr #102 This is a 2 bedroom property at 4490 Market Commons Dr #102 asking for $479,900. Julie Nesbitt is a real whiz on real estate in Fairfax. Photo of 4490 Market Commons Dr #102

What Subdivisions In Fairfax Have Similarly Sized Homes?

The Atrium At Metrowest 3 Active
King Park West 1 Active
Halstead At the Metro 1 Active
Heights At Penderbrook 1 Active
Elan At East Market 1 Active
Williams Westmore 1 Active
Covington 1 Active
East Market At Fair Lake 1 Active
Fairfield House 1 Active

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